Plugins for LightWave


QWrinkle 1.3Win64/Win32 (US$39, Updated: Apr. 29, 2019)
QWrinkle is a interactive Modeler plug-in to create wrinkles with maintaining UVs.
Bevel++ 4.6Win64/Win32 (US$42, Updated: Jul. 22, 2016)
A Modeler plug-in. It is a beveling tool with some extended functions, Anti-Overlapping, Group Mode and Interactive Guide.
SP_Clone LE 1.3Win64/Win32 (Free, Updated: Nov. 17, 2009)
This is a simple Modeler plug-in that clones the object on background layer. The clone is arranged on the selected polygon on foreground layer.
Stretch_Point 1.1Win64/Win32 (Free, Updated: Nov. 12, 2009)
This is a simple Modeler plug-in that moves a selected point along the line passing through the point and an another selected point.


PitchCorrection3Win64 (Free, Updated: May 15, 2020)
This is a Layout plug-in to correct a rotation problem that causes wrong rotation when you rotate an item 90 degrees or more on its local or world pitch.
It includes a Layout Command plug-in and a Scene Master plug-in(RealTime).