Bevel++ 4.6


The Bevel++ software is a Modeler plug-in. It is a beveling tool with some extended functions.
Quick Overview Video (Courtesy of Mike Green)

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LightWave 2018, 2019, 2020 (Windows 64bit)

LightWave 9.6, 10.1, 11.6, or 2015.3 (Windows 64bit/32bit)

(Known issue on LW9.6/10.1: In case of deactivating Bevel++ with doing nothing, a temp morph map of Bevel++ remains.)


Operation of Bevel++ is the same as that of the standard Bevel.

  1. Select polygons.
  2. Drag your pointer after activating the "Bevel++" plug-in. When "Draw Guide" is activated, please refer to the following.

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Mouse Operation on Draw Guide

  1. Select Spline or Line at "Draw Guide"
  2. LMB click anywhere on viewport. This position will be a origin of guide line.
  3. - LMB drag the circular handles.
    - CTRL+RMB click to add a circular handle inside.
    - SHIFT+RMB click to add a circular handle outside.
    - LMB double click a circular handle to delete the handle.
  4. RMB click to accept and bigin again.

Learn more about operations for multiple selections.

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Interface (the numeric panel)

Each : Beveling is applied to each selected polygon individually.
Group: Beveling is applied to the selected polygons as a group.
"Group Inset" (Only "Mode -> Group")
Similar: Inset is applied as keeping the appearance similar.
Edges : This method is same as that of an usual inset.
"Average Shift" (Only "Mode -> Group")
Selected polygons are shifted along the average of the polygon's normals.
"Shift(+/-)", "Inset(+/-)", "New Surface" and "Edges"
These functions are equal to the standard "Bevel" command.
The number of bevel operations in a single step.
"Invert Dragging"
Dragging vertically allows you to interactively change the Shift amount.
Dragging horizontally allows you to interactively change the Inset amount.
"Anti-Overlapping" (Only "Mode -> Each")
The function to avoid the problem of overlapping polygons will be activated.
"Keep Polygons"
When beveling polygons, one-point polygons will be kept.
"Draw Guide"
The function to design a profile interactively will be activated.
You can select spline or line.
"View Axis"
The editing axes of Guide.
The simple function that resize a guide.
The function increases the detail of guide profile.
"Straightness Limit"
When subdividing a guide, if segment's straightness exceeds the limit, it is non-line.
"Select Invert", "Contiguous", "Stretch" and "Center Link"
Refer to operations for multiple selections
"Add Preset" and "Add Preset As"
The function saves a profile instantly.
The profile is interactively applied to geometry.
Please select Off if the object is too complicated to operate interactively.
"About Bevel++"
Version information and LicenseID.

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Demo version

The demo version is available for evaluation purposes without charge.
The demo limits objects to 50 polygons and disables Preset function.

Here it is as a zip file: (v4.6demo/396KB)

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  1. Copy "BevelPP64.p" or "BevelPP32.p" to your plug-in directory.
  2. Start up Modeler, choose "Utilities->Add Plugins", and select "BevelPP64.p" or "BevelPP32.p".
    For information on adding plug-ins, refer to your LightWave 3D documentation.
  3. Select Additional tab, and it will appear as "Bevel++".

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Bevel++ can be ordered now at a license fee of US$42 per dongle(or LightWave Lock ID).

Payments are processed through PayPal.
Order Page

This version is a free upgrade for registered users. Please contact me.

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Bugs & Limitations

A calculation error causes overlapping polygons rarely.
Group Mode
In the case of an oval sphere, some waves are caused at "Method-Edges".

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v4.6 (Jul. 22, 2016)
- Fixed an OpenMP crash when there is a conflict with other plugins.
v4.5 (Mar. 08, 2014)
- Added support for morph maps.
- Improved processing of discontinuous vmaps on each mode.
- Added displaying the values of shift and inset in viewport.
- Added a help button about operations of guide.
v4.4 (Oct. 05, 2010)
- Improved the anti-overlapping algorithm for complex polygons(rotated texts, etc).
- Introduced multithreading into the anti-overlapping algorithm.
- Added "Average Shift" to the mode of Group.
- Improved that a guide data of spline/line is kept during a switch "Off".
- Added that "SHIFT + CLICK" to deselect a selected handle.
- Added the setting of "Group Inset" and "Average Shift" to configuration file.
- Fixed a bug that "Stretch" button had been enable in any conditions.
- Added 32bit version. (note: the 64bit version is faster than the 32bit version.)
v4.3 (Aug. 29, 2010)
- Optimized for Windows 64bit and LW9.6.
v4.2a (Nov. 27, 2003)
- Fixed a problem that the setting was not saved in a certain case.
v4.2 (Aug. 14, 2003)
- Added "Size" that is easy to resize a guide.
- Fixed a bug that could not refresh view when loading a preset.
- Improved the handling of discontinuous vmap at "Each mode".
- Added the turn of handles into preset data. It improves repeatability of loaded guide when reducing segments.
v4.1 (Mar. 12, 2003)
- Fixed a crash in a certain setting of Lightwave.
- Fixed a vmap bug at Group/Edges.
v4.0 (Mar. 08, 2003)
- Added "PresetShelf", "Subdivide" and "MultipleSelection".
- Added "Shift+RMB Click" for adding a handle outside.
- Fixed a bug leaked memory.
- Fixed a crash when closing the numeric panel and Bevel++.
- Improved a function retains the setting.(A limited account is available.)
- Fixed a vmap bug at Outer/Each and Group when adding segments.
- Fixed a problem that forced selecting a morph map when some morph maps existed.
v3.0 (Sep. 22, 2002)
- Added Interactive Guide function.
v2.3 (Sep. 07, 2002)
- Added a function that can retain the setting of "Mode".
v2.2 (Aug. 16, 2002)
- Fixed a problem that caused a flipped polygon.
- Fixed a discontinuous vmap bug at Group Mode.
v2.1 (Aug. 08, 2002)
- Fixed #447error and some minor bugs.
v2.0 (Jul. 29, 2002)
- Added "Group Mode".
v1.1 (Jul. 18, 2002)
- Fixed an inclination of inset[+/-] and shift[+/-].
v1.0 (Jul. 05, 2002)
- Full Release version
Beta 0.9 (Jun. 30, 2002)
- Added support for outer setting.
- Added support for negative inset.
- Improved the core algorithm.
Beta 0.8 (Jun. 23, 2002)
- Added support for a shared point.
Beta 0.7 (May 06, 2002)
- Fixed #173, #187 and #217 errors.
- Improved the algorithm for text.
- Improved an unstable problem when using complicated geometry.
Beta 0.6 (Apr. 25, 2002)
- Fixed #191 Error.
- Allowed for a non-planar polygon.
Beta 0.5 (Apr. 13, 2002)
- Fixed a crash problem when using complicated geometry.
Beta 0.4 (Mar. 28, 2002)
- Added support for a shared point (at "Anti-Overlapping" OFF).
- Improved the core algorithm.
Beta 0.3 (Mar. 16, 2002)
- Fixed a crash problem which was sometimes caused.
Beta 0.2 (Mar 11, 2002)
- Fixed a VMAP problem of the point merged in beveling.
Beta 0.1 (Mar. 09, 2002)
- The First Edition

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