QWrinkle 1.3


QWrinkle is a Modeler plug-in to create wrinkles interactively.
Quick Overview Video (Courtesy of Mike Green)

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LightWave 2018, 2019, 2020 (Windows 64bit)

LightWave 11.6, 2015.3 (Windows 64bit/32bit)


  1. Select points, edges, or polygons on any selection mode.
  2. Activate "QWrinkle"
  3. Dragging horizontally changes the Width amount.
    Dragging vertically changes the Shift amount.
  4. Press Space-bar to accept.

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Interface (the numeric panel)

The width of wrinkle can be set.
The depth of wrinkle can be set.
"Edge Detection"
You can select a edge detection type when you select polygons.

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QWrinkle can be ordered now at a license fee of US$39 per LightWave Lock ID.

End-User License Agreement

Payments are processed through PayPal.
Order Page

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Mike Green(www.mikegreen.name) has contributed many valuable suggestions and corrections.

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v1.3 (Apr. 29, 2019)
- Fixed a possible crash.
v1.2 (Jan. 01, 2018)
- Updated for LightWave2018.0.
v1.1Beta1 (Feb. 17, 2017)
- Added "Terminal Triangulation" that triangulates terminal polygons.
v1.0 (Nov. 20, 2016)
- The First Version

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