The PitchCorrection3 is a Layout plug-in to correct a rotation problem that causes wrong rotation when you rotate an item 90 degrees or more on its local or world pitch.
It includes a Layout Command plug-in and a Scene Master plug-in.

Video Tutorial (Courtesy of Tanadrine Studios)

Rotation Problem on LightWave3D:
When you rotate an item 90 degrees or more on its local or world pitch, the heading and bank flip over, and the pitch is wrong value.
(wrong value) Correction

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LightWave3D 11.6, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020 (Windows 64bit)

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Layout Command
When a rotation problem arises, use "Utilities > Plugins > Additional > PitchCorrection" at the frame.
First it corrects a rotation problem, limiting its pitch to 180 degrees or less, and use again to limit its pitch to 180 degrees or more.

Scene Master
Choose "Utilities > Plugins > Master Plugins > Add Layout or Scene Master > PitchCorrection: RealTime."
When a rotation problem arises on "Rotate" tool of Layout, interactively the PitchCorrection corrects it.

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  1. Extract PitchCorrection30.zip to a folder.
  2. Start up Layout, choose "Utilities > Plugins > Add Plugins", and select "pitchcorrection64.p."
  3. Edit "Edit > Edit Menu Layout > plugins", and it will appear as "PitchCorrection" and "PitchCorrection:RealTime."

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Here it is as a zip file:
PitchCorrection30.zip (v3.0/123KB)

If you encounter a bug, please let me know about the details.

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v3.0 (May 15, 2020)
- Improved an algorithm for "RealTime."
- Fixed a bug that rotated the first selected item when another item was selected.
- "InferiorAngle" and "SuperiorAngle" were merged.
- Remove "Scan."
- Recoded to avoid using MS Redistributable Package.
v2.0 (Jan. 05, 2014)
- No change.
v2.0 beta2 (Jan. 02, 2010)
- Added "Scan."
- Improved "InferiorAngle" and "SuperiorAngle."
- Improved "RealTime."
v2.0 beta1 (Jul. 15, 2009)
- prototype of "RealTime."
v1.1 (Aug. 31, 2006)
- Fixed a crash when operating at a frame without key on LW8.5 or higher.
- Fixed a bug that created the key which cannot be deleted on LW8.5 or higher.
v1.0 (Apr. 14, 2003)
- The First Edition

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